A Poem: A Vision of Hope dedicated to the Korean Community

KACC… a vision of hope… for our future and our families

By KACC Board Member Scott Bae


* Special thanks to Scott for writing this poem to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of GenKAC.


Deep within the fleeting dreams, that comprise our lives,

there are those special moments that will forever define us,

far beyond the scope of our wildest imaginations and deepest desires.


For it is in those rare and precious moments,

that we really come to know who we are and who we are destined to become.


In the farthest regions of our soul,

there is an inner voice,

that demands that we look beyond ourselves,

to those around us,

to those who do not have the voice nor power,

to express that which they cannot find the words or the strength.


It is in these moments,

that we must begin to really care for others,

with the heartfelt compassion,

that binds all of humanity,

and inspires others to lead the way for the weary.


No longer can we wait or step aside and let time pass us by,

for the cries of the unspoken deserve our immediate and undivided attention.

We must act